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SKU: 300002-S
  • Our calf tanneries come from North West Spain, Germany and Italy.
    Box Calf
    Calf Suede
    Kid Suede
    Calf Crust - Hand painted calf
    Patent Leather
    Polished Calf

    The above types of leathers represent a full array of leather skins. They are all used in luxury shoe production and they different from the "look" and "texture" point of view.

    . Crust calf leather (painted calf) enables artisans to hand paint the pieces with special creams and brushes. The look is very artisanal. Source is CONCERIA NUOVA ANTILOPE from Italy (same crust material used by Santoni, Berlutti, Andres Sendra, among many others)
    . Box Calf is the regular calf leather use on mens shoes ready made collection
    . Calf Suede is our regular calf suede used in most of our ready-made production
    . KID SUEDE is the most soft, velvety suede leather type which comes from small goat skins. The skins are pretty small which increases the price of leather (consumption per pair). This is a very delicate suede.
    . Polished calf refers to rectified grain calf. This eliminates any skin imperfections. The look is not as natural as a regular, plain full grain, but the look is very good, luxurious. This type of leather is quite expensive because of the post-production processes that it needs at the tannery.